"The creative spirit and the compassionate spirit are not things apart but kindred responses to life." 


The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out was created so people can experience the expression of goodness and peacemaking inside all wisdom traditions.  These beautiful public events allow people to gather around timely issues of great importance and share in deep healing and joyful celebration to discover those practices and beliefs that have the capacity to bring transformation and deep meaning to others. Such experiences challenge assumptions and begin to build relationships of lasting compassion and trust between people and their communities.    Truly this is Religion from the Heart.

Baha’i 101
In October 2012 we learned about the Bahá’i faith from Randolph Dobbs of the Los Angeles Bahá’i Center. Randy Dobbs is an Advisor to The Guibord Center and a good friend. His presentation was filmed and is available to watch at the link above. Early in 2014 we visited the Los Angeles Bahá’i Center for “Sacred Texts in Sacred Places – Bahá’i Sacred Texts”

Buddhism 101
In June 2011 Venerable Miao Hsi, a Buddhist nun from the Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, presented the basics of Buddhism at The Guibord Center. Ven. Miao Hsi is an Advisor to The Guibord Center and a wonderful teacher. In 2013 we visited Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple for “Sacred Texts in Sacred Places – The Lotus Sutra”

Christian Sacred Texts 101
St. John’s Cathedral hosted The Guibord Center for the hauntingly beautiful liturgy of Tenebrae during Holy Week as part of our 101 Series: Sacred Texts in Sacred Places.

Hinduism 101
Swami Sarvadevananda of the Hollywood Vedanta Society presented Hinduism 101 in July 2011, and The Guibord Center visited the Vedanta Temple for “Hindu Sacred Texts – the Upanishads” in 2013. Also of interest: Hindu Festivals

Indigenous Spirituality 101
Advisor to The Guibord Center Cindi Moar Alvitre presented Indigenous Spirituality 101 on July 2011. Her talk centered on the local (Los Angeles area) indigenous Tongva People and their spiritual practice.

Islam 101
Dr. Maher Hathout, Advisor to The Guibord Center and leading spokesperson for the Muslim community, presented Islam 101 in June 2012. A visit to the Islamic Center of Southern California took place in May 2014 for “Sacred Texts in Sacred Places – The Koran”. Also of interest: Muslim Holy Observances, The Breaking of the Fast: If’tar

Judaism 101
Rabbi Suzanne Singer’s “Taste of Judaism”, presented in September 2012, has become a classic instructional video used by Rabbi Singer herself. Complete with handouts, this is a full course in basic Judaism condensed into an hour and 22 minutes.  Also of interest: Jewish Festivals

Mormonism 101
Bishop Steve and Judy Gilliland talk about the most important thing in their lives: their religious faith in this April 2012 presentation of Mormonism 101.

Sikhism 101
Advisors to The Guibord Center Nirinjan Singh Khalsa and Ravinder Singh Khalsa co-presented the first 101 Series so that we could better understand the Sikh religion. Joined by Advisor Jacquie Kaur Khalsa, Ravinder offered delicious food from Khalsa Peace Corps. This was followed by our first trip to Khalsa Care Foundation for “Sacred Texts in Sacred Places – Guru Granth Sahib”. In early 2015 we returned to the gurdwara at Khalsa Care Foundation for “Decoding Rituals and Symbols of Sikhism”

Sufism 101  Co-presenters Noor-Malika Chishti and John Isvaradas Abdallah share the essence of Sufism: Love and Surrender.

The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out 

In a world rife with violence there is something that calls us to do better, to respect one another,

build relationships and create community where peace will flourish.  

And that call comes to us from the heart of all the world’s great spiritual and faith traditions.