"The creative spirit and the compassionate spirit are not things apart but kindred responses to life." 


The historic Sonoma Plaza hosts community events throughout the year, from an old-fashioned Fourth of July parade to a glitzy international film festival.  Tuesday nights features live music and a certified farmers market where locals and visitors come out to picnic on the lawn and enjoy the local food and produce. 



"How do we build places where people actually want to live their lives? How do we build strong social ties? The secret lies partly in the arts."

Six creative ways artists can improve communities.

What is a Compassionate Community?   The Charter invites communities of all sizes to bring compassion to life in practical, specific ways through compassion-driven actions—in neighborhoods, businesses, schools and colleges, healthcare, the arts, local government, peace groups, environmental advocacy groups, and faith congregations.


Sonoma Community Center enriches the lives of the people of Sonoma Valley by fostering a broad range of cultural, educational and community services, and by ensuring the preservation and restoration of its historic building.

Impact 100 SONOMAempowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.

Building Community Resources - Local and Global