"The creative spirit and the compassionate spirit are not things apart but kindred responses to life." 


What is the Charter for Compassion ?

The Rev. Canon James M. Thomas, Jr., PhD.

Trinity Episcopal Church, Sonoma CA signed the Charter for Compassion in January of 2015.  The Reverand Father Jim Thomas has been Trinity’s Priest-in-Charge since 2011.  

His experience also includes six years in the Air Force.  During the Pueblo Crisis in 1967, he was stationed in Korea and worked off duty at a local orphanage.  These experiences were the beginning of a spiritual journey which led him to seek a Ph.D. in clinical psychology,  later enrolling in the Virginia Theological Seminary, where he was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 2001.  As a Clinical Psychologist he worked with critically ill patients and those dealing with traumatic grief reactions for over thirty years. 

Dr. Thomas  is also the author of several books, including, The Canon’s Corner – a collection of writings  and The 7 Steps to Personal Power – Creating Opportunities Within. 

His Wellness Option Binaural Beat  audio tapes include Stress, Pain Control, Depression, Meditation, Sleep Well, Focused Attention, Quick Zzzzz’s and Option Encounter.


Cynthia Young - Community Connect Foundation

Community Connect signed the Charter for Compassion July 2015          

We tell stories through transmedia channels, across multiple deliver systems and media platforms. We connect Communities of Practice - formed by people who use collective learning in a shared endeavor. This type of learning practice has existed for as long as people have been learning and sharing their experiences through storytelling.

Pathways and Journeys  (a project of Community Connect) joined the Charter for Compassion in March 2014 and is a network of exemplars, students, collaborators and life long learners who continue to explore the intersections of creativity / compassion / consciousness living.
Based upon the belief that creativity is not limited to the gifted ones of the population, and compassion is not limited to the spiritual, we are creating a space where love, compassion and forgiveness can be inspired, taught, nurtured, and enhanced.