"The creative spirit and the compassionate spirit are not things apart but kindred responses to life." 


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Marsha Klein's art is soul food, full of energy and the raw vision of a waking dream. She creates bold, expressive oil paintings and organic ceramic sculpture, using the body as metaphor to address the human psyche. This exhibit of Klein’s work is an arresting show, rich in content with strong archetypal and biomorphic images. Connected by the theme of Unveiling, the pieces that she chose were created over a period of thirty years in each of the three studios where she worked during most of her forty-four years, living in the Sonoma Valley.
This exhibit will be open free to the public for the whole month of March.

The artist will be available to meet and dialogue about her work and her process,

offering a tour each Friday, 11 - noon.  Klein welcomes studio visits as well.

Her Grove Street studio is open by appointment, phone: (707) 935-1207.

Artists to exhibit at Sonoma Valley library
Sonoma Valley artist exhibitions are coming to the Sonoma Valley Library this year. Local artist Patrick McMurtry and art enthusiast Richard Silver have organized a half-dozen local artists in a rotating exhibition.
Individual artists will have their work displayed in the library for a month, during which time anyone can come to the library and view the artist’s work.

McMurtry will be the first to exhibit his paintings, beginning the first week of January. He will display an array of “multi-visionary” pieces that include lush landscapes of Sonoma Valley, wild abstracts and wall-hangings.

March features Marsha Klein who will be exhibiting her bold, expressive oil paintings and organic ceramic sculpture, using the body as metaphor to address the human psyche.
opening March 2  4-6:00 p.m.

James Huff will be April’s featured artist. He uses twin lens pinhole negative process photography to create his images, requiring several months of exposure of the sun’s path through the sky.
Nora Russo’s large, expressive paints in oil, acrylic and mixed media will be exhibited in September.
In October, Barbara Jacobsen will show her dream-like, intuitive and inspirational collages, paintings and assamblages.
Lastly, in December, Emily Marks will display her altered books, art works that derive from previously published materials.
The events are free and open to all. The library is located at 755 W. Napa St.

George Thompson "Coyote" 

New Commissioner of Cultural And Fine Arts for the City of Sonoma.

George is also the host of Coyote Road  -  an eclectic music show integrating different genres of music including contemporary folk, Native American, reggae, blues and sometimes rock -  showcases Bay Area musicians and have a format to find out about the people behind the music.

Tune in  Sunday 11-1 . discover what life is like when you set foot on the Coyote Road.